I'm surprised talk with a girl who is Christian, said that he had never paid attention to those promises such wonderful of Chronicles Judg. and also to a foreigner who is not of your people Israel, that has come from distant lands because of your great name and your powerful hand, and thine outstretched arm if he desireth and orare toward this Houseyour you will hear from the heavens, from thy dwelling place, and do according to all the things by which has clamoured to you abroad; so that all the peoples of the Earth know your name, and you fear as well as your people Israel, and know that your name is invoked on this House which I have built. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as פרופ ליאור רוקח by clicking through. She thought that that promise was for the past, and we talked and I told him: but girl perhaps do you don't think Hebrews 13-8? = Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, o God! that Scripture is very important, very deep because the same thing that the Lord Jesus Christ than did in the Holy Land, today also makes it. The same signs and wonders, If healthy beyond in Holy Land, today also heals and so will tomorrow in the future. If the past except in the Holy Land, today and it will always do so. The divine promises that listen to the requests that were made there in the Temple of Jerusalem built Solomon guided by God, they were forever and I can say from my own experience, Amen = so is requests I did there were met perfectly and millions of times better than I imagined me ever, as the history of the 3 trees: Had at the top of a mountain there in Holy Land Jerusalem, 3 small trees, and they shared their dreams, what they wanted to be when they were large, the first said: I would like to turn me into a very nice chest and save very precious jewels and valuable treasures.